Monday, January 08, 2007

Just in case you were wondering

Apparently the violence in Iraq is still worsening, as I heard on an NPR report this morning.

It's been worsening every day for, what, almost 4 years now? I can hardly remember a day when I haven't heard the violence in Iraq referred to by someone in the press (most often NPR, since that's what's on in the car) as "worsening".

It must be a black, smoldering, lifeless pit by now.

Anyway, to further illustrate the press' outlook on the world, I'd like to steer you back to Morgan for another insightful post: Saddam Hussein's Last Negotiation

And they don’t see things the way “real” people do. It’s like the old joke where God decides to end the world, and they see women-and-minorities as hardest hit. Superman himself could be swooping around Iraq fishing kittens out of trees, and they’d say that was botched too.

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