Thursday, April 03, 2003

They came here to kill us

They came here to kill us Heard a quote from an Iraqi woman who is obviously against the war. I just have one question for her... If the coalition is there to kill Iraqis, is there really any doubt in your mind that millions of Iraqis would be dead? The U.S. certainly has the means and access.

No, we came to Iraq to separate an evil man who had too much power from that power. He's had it for a long time -- but when it became clear what his motives were and that he had the will to carry out hideous atrocities on people he didn't like, he was diagnosed as a cancer on the world that cannot be allowed to grow in strength and spread. He is as evil a man as you can find. He has built up a power-base and has a will to remain in power that requires force to remove him. Without war, he will remain in power. When he dies, his sons who are just as bad will inherit the power structure.

So why, if all you anti-war people outside of Iraq are willing to ignore the brutality of this man's regime, the death, torture, and suffering it causes, are you not willing to accept, if grudgingly, the unfortunate death and suffering it takes to remove him from power? Why do you gloss over the fact that this man's war plan is designed to require the targeting of military operations in civilian areas in order for the coalition's efforts to remove him from power to be successful? He is using our desire to protect the innocent against us. He makes it so that to protect them from us is to protect him, which in the end doesn't protect them at all. You act as if all would be well if we didn't undertake this effort. At least when it is over, the Iraqi people will no longer have to live in fear of expressing the wrong opinion and watch their family members be raped and tortured and killed before the same happens to them.

Make no mistake, we are there because he represents a threat to our security first, and to benefit the Iraqi people second. That doesn't mean we're not doing it to benefit the Iraqi people.

If we were there to kill them they'd be dying in numbers orders of magnitude larger than they are dying. Right now the best estimates are hundreds of Iraqis (and it is unclear which side killed many of them) -- as opposed to millions.