Friday, August 27, 2004

Self Important, Self-Absorbed "Activists"

3 days before the Republican National Convention, over 3 times as many protesters have been arrested than during the entire DNC.

One might say (if one were a Leftist) that it "just goes to show that Bush is all about censoring free speech" or that it shows "just how many people are in a righteous rage over Bush's policies" ... but -- I think it's probably more like "conservatives, in general, have better manners than liberals."

The Democrats are even trying to make the selection of New York City for the RNC an issue. If the Republicans had chosen another city, they'd probably be trying to work in something negative about that. I suppose next time Bush sneezes it will be a political act as well.

I have a hard time believing anyone who insists that EVERYTHING Bush EVER does is wrong. It shows a lack of rationale and balance -- two qualities I'd like to see in a voter.

The shrillness annoys me. I hope it annoys the swing voters as well. Maybe the Dems created a monster by silencing these people at their own convention. The Democratic "Counter Convention" along with the pent-up ... um... "energy" of these folks and what we're about to see outside the RNC will speak volumes about the type of people I don't want in power.

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