Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bush's IPOD

Get a real MP3 player, Mr. Pres! (just kidding -- Ipods are OK)

According to a story on the BBC website, the Bush girls gave their dad an IPOD for his birthday last summer.

The same story solicited what the world thinks George should listen to on his IPOD.

Apparently the Lefties are still pretty hot under the collar, as most of them were war protest songs, or songs about stupidity or arrogance -- presumably directed at George himself.

Here's a good example:

"He should definitely listen to the people of America and the rest of the world on his iPod, because he sure is not doing that the rest of the time."

Which I think is kinda funny considering that over half of the voters in the country voted for him after he made the big blunder they're all so hot about. But of course, those Americans don't count. They're all stupid poopie heads. And stuff. The only real Americans are those who are anti-American.

Talk about arrogance.

Anyway, he has Van Morrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Fogerty, & Eric Clapton -- pretty hip, Mr. Pres. And not surprisingly a lot of country. But what's this? My Sharona? Kind of a nasty song, there, Mr. President. I don't even like that one. I know, you just like the beat.

Well, it was nice of the girls to get him one.

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