Thursday, July 27, 2006

Consider Yourself Warned

Consider yourself warned:

Zawahiri warns over Middle East Fighting

So, just making sure I got this straight, because I want to make sure that this news is actually, you know, relevant.

If we support Israel's counter-attack against Hezbollah, our blood will run.

If we don't support Israel's counter-attack against Hezbollah .... um ... our blood will still run. I'm looking for a motivation source in your pronouncements. Quick, where's Misha's Give-A-F*ck-O-Meter?

Or is he specifially warning Israel? "Keep attacking, and we will wipe you from the map. Stop attacking, and we will... uh... wipe you from the map." Gotcha.

Perhaps he is warning Arab governments that he will take the fight to them for ... failing to condemn Israel's meaningful act of self-defense. But then again, he's mostly talking to Saudi Arabia -- and haven't they already sworn to topple that government? He's no friend to the Kuwati or Egyptian governments either.

So excactly how is this news?

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