Friday, January 26, 2007

Another political orientation quiz

Saw Morgan took these quizzes -- and so I decided what the heck.

This really comes as no surprise -- I object to any Facist categorization since I don't believe in totalitarian government in any way, but here are my results:

I was quite comforted to see myself placed over Thomas Jefferson's heart on the "Famous People" view.

And to the other quiz:

I thought question number seven on America "holding a hostile attitude" toward evolution was a tough one to answer -- mostly because I don't believe the premise of the question. The question was worded sympathetically to the study, which I'm sure was done to try to embarass Americans who don't believe in it. There really wasn't an answer I agreed with in the choices. I had to go with the last explanation just to give an answer, but it wasn't a good fit.

Update: Brother Jeffmon, who placed near Jefferson's left ear, agrees that the second quiz is unanswerable.

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