Monday, December 15, 2008

Unintentional Hiatus

Haven't been around in a while. I was tired of politics. Exhausted, really. Plus I suddenly got really busy both at work and at home. I hardly had time to read news, much less think about it much. Caught snippets on the radio. But that's about it.

This caught my attention today. I saw the video of it this morning. And I couldn't agree more with the author. On Iraq and Afghanistan, I think Bush made the right calls even if the strategies didn't go well for a while. And it's things like this that remind me why I think deep down Bush is a more than a decent guy. He's got the right attitude -- and, I may point out, it's a Christian one. Do what's right. Love your enemies (to a point). Bush understands shoe-man's anger, and pities him. The man has a right to his opinion. Not to assault, but to his opinion. In this, Bush pretty much turned the other cheek, and did it graciously.

All this bailout stuff, on the other hand... and his stance on illegal immigration ... yeah these are things upon which we disagree. But I still think he's a decent guy.

I'm around. I'll probably slowly come back as I adjust to my schedule.

Right now I'm kinda shaking the cobwebs off. Hope that's better than a SNUL, Morgan ;-)

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