Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yeah, I got a problem....

The Department of Justice announced it has set up a telephone hotline and e-mail address for the public to report potential civil rights concerns related to the implementation of the Arizona SB 1070 provision requiring immigration status verification during certain law enforcement encounters.

The transcript of the recorded message:

"You have reached the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. If you are calling about the immigration law in Arizona, SB 1070, or the immigration law in Alabama, HB56, or any other immigration law, press 1 for English, [or press 2 for Spanish]." 

Yeah, I got a problem with Arizona SB 1070.  It shouldn't need to be implemented.  The federal government is responsible for the enforcement of immigration law.  The federal government is responsible for the security of our nation's borders.  Arizona has graciously offered to assist the federal government.  The federal government not only refused the assistance, it is actively attempting to thwart Arizona's efforts.

So how about several million people a day call the hotline and tell the Justice Department about our concerns?

Hotline Number: 855-353-1010
Email: SB1070@usdoj.gov

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philmon said...

Good point. I somehow missed this in all the hubub going on aruond here.