Friday, March 28, 2003

All about oil

Of course. Naturally. The United States is an evil imperialist nation. Actually, it looks more like we've been put in the position of responsibility for cleaning up a mess in the mideast leftover from past European imperialism. It really blows me away that we are expected to "solve" the Israel/Palestine problem. True, we have been consistent supporters of Israel over the years, but I will tell you a lot of it has to do with the tactics used against Israel. Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of civilians to incite terror in the population in the hope that the ones who live will pressure their governments into giving the groups using terrorism what they want. This is something that western sensibilities just won't tolerate. I would argue that the west, especially here in America and probably even in Israel -- would be much more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause if they used more Ghandiesque tactics.

Of course, if we wanted the oil in the middle east and we were actually the imperialist, genocidal, immoral nation the world seems to think we are, there's certainly nothing to stop us. A few nuclear bombs in the right spots, then we go in with radiation suits and put our wells where they need to be-- it's freakin' desert anyway... and put pipelines in place to carry it to safe port areas.... lots of oil, all ours. Mwwahahhahahahah! But we're not like that. We aren't perfect -- but we aren't like that.

If you still think it's about oil, and you've never second-guessed yourself or whoever told you it was... I'd suggest you read this to maybe help balance your opinion.... Blood for Oil? -- Jerry Taylor