Saturday, March 29, 2003


Critics are now asserting that the Pentagon's war plan is "flawed". Well, surprise, surprise. EVERY plan has flaws. The idea of some sort of "perfect" plan for anything is an illusion. It's easy to sit back and try to shoot down arguments based on this detail or that detail. This is why philsophical arguments typically never get anywhere. The person asserting the philosophy is constantly assailed by little pot-shots at this or that and ends up bogging the argument down in the details of explanation instead of the overall context the philosopher is trying to paint.

Guess what? Saddam's plan is flawed, too.

The left is quite eager to paint this as some sort of morality play where the Bush administration is somehow punished for it's "rush" to an "illegal" war without the sanctity of U.N. approval. They refuse to even consider the possibility that the U.N. can be wrong, and the US acting anyway might be the Right Thing To Do.

Remember, if you tell your kid 17 times to clean up his room and he consistently finds ways to keep not doing it, an 18th time appears no different to the child. If you see him pick up a toy or two and continues to dawdle and delay until you lose interest and go make him lunch or something, it's time to move in for a little spanking.

The fact of the matter is, I HOPE the press doesn't know the war plan, because if they do, you can be sure Saddam knows it as they've been blathering about it constantly for at least a month. Which, of course, would introduce intentional flaw making from Saddam's side. So here's an idea... if you know the war plan, shut up. If you don't know the war plan.... shut up. Let the professionals do what they've studied and trained to do.