Thursday, July 28, 2005

Question Authority

Timothy Leary. Believe it or not, the man and I see eye to eye on some things.

Authority should be questioned. After all, Hitler was an authority. Saddam Hussein was an authority. Stalin -- authority.

If you don't question authority, you don't keep it honest.

On the other hand...

"Question Authority" does not mean "Defy Authority". If you question authority, and honestly analyze the answer and the answer checks out... you should go along with the authority.

For all of the anarchists on the left protesting that "might makes right" -- there's no better way to guarantee that than anarchy. And if everyone defies any authority on the sole basis that it is an authority -- you get anarchy. Under anarchy, the guy who can kill you before you kill him gets whatever he wants.

So sure, question authority. Just remember, most of the time there is a good reason for that authority. Maybe you just haven't really thought about it yet.

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