Friday, July 29, 2005

Well, there you have it

It's all about the abortion rights, as everyone knew, but nobody would say --- until now.

A group of female Democratic senators said they will vote against Judge Roberts unless he vows to uphold abortion rights.

This directly translates into: We can't depend on the popular support for, or the constitutionality of current abortion laws. Therefore, unless you agree not to review them and continue to rubber-stamp them, we will vote against you.

The Pro-Choice lobby points to the famous "back alley abortion" argument, completely ignoring the other major moral issue the Pro-Life lobby stands on.

The former lobby is afraid someone will not ignore it.

By refusing to allow their position to come under question from anyone, they relegate it to the ranks of religious belief -- one of the major dismissive arguments against the Pro-Life lobby. According to the Pro-Choice side, Pro-Life people are either religious zealots trying to force their religion upon the population, or sexists -- or both.

Religious beliefs are generally beliefs that are to be held without question.

Tell me how it is somehow forbidden to apply the same rules to the beliefs of the opposite side?

Before Roe v Wade, abortion was illegal. It was "settled law". Now Senator Leahey complains that someone might "overturn settled law".

Closing, I'd like the reader to note that I am not arguing for or against Roe v Wade. I am simply saying it is hypocritical to cry "Question Authority -- unless it's my authority".

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