Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dead Saddam

Good riddance. Anyone who thinks differently, perhaps outside of his immediate family (the ones he didn't have killed, anyway) is in dire need of a head examination.

I clicked on the "Have Your Say" link at BBC, cringing at what I might find.

Sure enough, one from right here in the U. S. of A. :

One wonders if putting Saddam to death is an act of justice or the act of simply stooping to his level on a lesser scale.

Should I give Tim the benefit of the doubt and take it that the "one" he speaks of is Tim, in the first person?

One who would wonder such a thing aloud is one who seeks head-pats and "intellectual" 'yeahs' and 'mmm-hmmms' from those who have taught them that to wonder such things makes one a Progressive Intellectual™.

Anyone who equates the malicious and pre-meditated horrible murders of innocents this man institutionalized with his own much more deserved and much less horrible demise has a moral compass so hopelessly out of whack as to be meaningless. Which in turn allows one to wonder such things and expect to be taken seriously.

Update: Here's another gem -

despide how much we like to think that Iraq's current Goverment is not a puppet of the occuping forces,the execution of Saddam proves just the opposite.

God help you all over there, the Bad, the Ugly and and if there any the Good too.
Well, Nicholas of New York, despite your spelling difficulties, your meaningless platitude asserting some sort of "proof" that America is pulling the strings on a puppet government in Iraq... I can't figure out how this logical lynch pin (hey, no pun intended, but I'll take it) really shows any evidence of your claim, much less a proof ... of anything.

Is he saying that he knows for a fact that Iraqis wouldn't execute Saddam and that the only the Coalition would have any interest in seeing him executed? How about a few facts to back it up? Nope. It's just "proof" of ... whatever Nicholas wants proved, I guess.

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