Tuesday, December 26, 2006


While Wal-Mart may be guilty of practicing capitalism, I'll bet they have the good sense not to market mercandise glorifying the murdering Communist icon Che Guevera.


Of course, Target is often touted as the holier place to shop for the liberty challenged.

Let's see... Wal-Mart=Capitalism

What better way to underscore the motives of the Anti-Wal-Mart Crowd?

Ok, so Target pulled the merchandise ... well most of them have pulled ... most of it. And I may shop at Target again. But my point here is that all Wal-Mart is really guilty of is legally competing in the market, and doing better than some people would like.

And far from turning a blind eye to Target's ... probably somewhat calculated and capitalistic approach to feeding Che-worshiping leftists -- it will probably be praised by many, and the indignance will be to the pulling of the merchandise, not to the marketing of it.

The "Kos" and the "Post" might be interesting to watch. If I could stomach reading them.

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