Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rosie O'Doughnut


gave a speech recently, apparently, trashing Bush up one side and down the other (no surprise there). I saw the video on O'Rielly in one of his "read the body language" segements with body language expert Tonya Reiman.

I used to like Rosie back in the VH1 Comedy Spotlight days. I thought she was actually a pretty funny comedian. But now that she thinks she's really important and speaking truth to power, I don't think I could even sit through one of her old comedy routines.

In this speech, after claiming that Bush would actually have to physically take a dump on the actual Constitution (the document) to get impeached, she went on to say:

"This speech coule be considered a threat to national security. I could be thrown in jail."
Which is, of course, nonsense. But not in her head.

In her world, which is her stage, she is bravely speaking truth to power. She actually fantasizes that there is real danger. But I ask, of all that vile, slanderous, and often traitorous things that have been said and done by liberals since... well, the 2000 election, how many people have been arrested, much less put in jail, for uttering anything but a direct, physical threat?

The data does not support the theory here, rosie.

I sense a pattern here.

"First time in history fire has melted steel! Physically impossible!" - (O'Doughnut)

Of course, fire can and does melt steel. That's how it's made. Steel starts its life --melted. By fire. In the case of WTC building 7 which she was so expertly blabbering about repeating what she had been instructed to believe by freak conspiracy theorists -- the fire didn't melt the steel. But it did heat it to about 1,200 degrees. At which point it loses about half its strength. Of course, steel and steel work not being cheap, if half the strength of the steel that was used was all that was needed to hold the building up, I'm thinking they would've used less of it. So, miss know-it-all-o-doughnut??? The building fell because the steel columns and beams holding it up were structually weakened by 7 hours of fire. Fire fed by diesel lines that were meant for backup generators.

The steel didn't melt, but it had, in effect, "gone all wobbly" as the British would say. Not physically impossible at all. But of course, neither is fire melting steel. Granted, it takes a well tended fire to melt it. But it's not physically impossible.

When rosie got booted off the View, there were cries of "save free speech!" "Defend Rosie O'Donnell!" "ABC can't fire her! "

But free speech means the government can't arrest her, not that ABC or anyone else can't fire her. And contrary to her public preening display of "daring", nobody has even thought about throwing her in jail (satisfying as that might seem to some of us). She is free to blather on and we are free to say what we think about her blathering. If ABC thinks her blathering is reflecting badly on them, they have every right to say "buh-bye".

People don't seem to get that. Especially liberals. Their whole understanding of the world is a bit fuzzy.

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