Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You've got to be kidding

I was looking for information on DIY cabling for diplexing satellite and UHF/VHF signals for television, and I came across an article that stated:

... in the UK you must have a TV Licence to watch TV.
I did a double take. Surely, that must be sarcasm.

It's apparently not. You may own a TV without having a TV license, and you can use it to watch pre-recorded programing such as DVD/VCR's and home video.

But get this:

Practical points: a)The TV in question should not be connected to an aerial. The only reason why a TV would be connected to an aerial is to receive broadcast feed. If a TVL visiting officer saw an aerial connected to the TV then both he and a court would assume broadcast reception. b) The TV must also show 'white noise' and not tv stations when clicked to various channels. c) It is probably best to inform any tvl visiting officer that you do not receive broadcast signals and leave it at that, then ask him to leave. Admitting TV use for video/DVD only, whilst perfectly legal, can cause problems. TVL visiting officers are commision based, so want you to get a licence or be 'nicked'. A TVL visiting officer could use your admittance of having a TV to try and incriminate you in his zeal for commision. There was a case in Cardiff recently where a TVL visiting officer was actually forging peoples signatures on 'confession' forms in order to get commision. He was subsequently found guilty in court.

And... and... it's £135 a year... which corresponds to roughly, what, ~$270?

Yeah, all you progressive Europhiles. Let's emulate them!

I realize it's state TV being broadcast over the airwaves, but if they're going to do that they should scramble the broadcast and distribute descramblers with the license. You shouldn't be peanalized for having a TV in your house and recieving what comes over the airwaves.

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