Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book 'em, Dan-o

Super Dan, over at the Daily Danet (sometimes in disguised as mild-mannered reporter "Mark" Kent), caught this over the weekend....
During the [Giants] game, the network aired a plug for an upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama. This is what the voiceover said: “[tick tick tick] Now that he’s been elected, Barack Obama shares his plans for the country.”
Now that he's been elected ... Obama's going to share his plans.

Yeah. So this was all a contest to find out what Obama planned to do with the country? Frankly, yes. Because "Hope" and "Change" weren't really very descriptive. But that's what people voted for. Now they Hope they hear what they wanted to hear. It's too late to Change their minds. We don't have do-overs in the adult world.

If you have never gone and read the Danet, he's on my highly recommended list.

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