Friday, November 07, 2008

Michael Crichton - 1942-2008

I don't read a lot of fiction anymore. I read it voraciously when I was a kid, but as I always tell people I think College "cured" me of my recreational reading habit. Not saying that's a good thing, just a fact.

So I didn't read a lot of Michael Crichton. But I did see many very entertaining movies based on several of his books, and I was aware that he was a highly intelligent, very educated man. A man who knew the difference between science and consensus. An eloquent man who often spoke on one of my pet subjects, and that would be Anthropogenic Global Warming.

One of his more recent works was a book called "State of Fear" where he combined debunking of the Global Warming consensus with a wild tale, which may serve as a warning -- of massive "environmental terrorism", perseverance, and comeuppance. I did read that one.

At any rate, the WSJ published a lecture of his posthumously today -- one I will link to and encourage you to read.

Aliens Cause Global Warming

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