Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Ron Paul, a guy I actually voted for in 1988 had this to say about the stimulus package.

I could'a voted for him this time around if it weren't for the Iraq thing. It's one defensible position to say perhaps we shouldn't have gone in. It's quite another to say let's pull out now and damn the torpedoes. But I digress.

I note that it keeps getting mentioned that Obama promised on the campaign trail that he would wait 5 days between passage of bills to when he signs them ... so the American Public will have a chance to read it -- transparency. One reason the conservatives that did vote for Obama voted for Obama.

However, if you go back and look at what Obama actually said on the trail was that would only be for non-emergency bills, and this is considered an emergency bill. So that's how he'll get around THIS one.

So it was stuffed with several hog farms worth of pork and rushed through as an emergency bill that was passed last friday.

But apparently it wasn't "Emergency" enough for Obama to sign it Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. No, instead he burns 10,000 gallons of fuel to fly to Denver to make a big deal out of signing it in front of windmills and solar panels. You know, because it's a "green" stimulus package... one which apparently couldn't've been signed in DC.

I wonder if Gore will be driving out there with his fleet of SUV's?

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