Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two important videos

The hat tip goes to Morgan for both. (you'll have to follow the hat-tip tracebacks from there if you're interested ;-) ) I'll show the most important one first.

America is not a group of people to be taken care of ... America is an idea that says we are all free to fend for ourselves with minimal governmental control over our lives.

And the second

This is exactly what I've been saying... I am far more worried about other forms of pollution, particularly water, air, and piles of trash from people who don't care (you know, the kind of trash that's piled 10" deep on Roger Barnett's ranch by illegal aliens who are suing him for allegedly violating their civil rights.)

The very slight rise in "global temperature" we've seen over the last 150 years is a blip in history near what is probably the end of a natural warming cycle, and it started about 150 years before the industrial revolution. It ain't us.

To see it on Lou Dobbs on CNN being presented by a meteorologist is a sign of hope.

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