Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Charity and Government Health Care

Glenn Beck asks, on his 912 Project site:

If someone posted this as an HONEST QUESTION, how would you respond?

“I don’t understand how you can ‘do unto others’ or ‘really understand ‘charity’ when so many people don’t have health care”.

To which I responded:
One might as well ask how we can mow our grass and plant a garden when so many don't have trees in their back yard. The question is nonsensical.

Charity doesn't have anything to do with forcing people to pay for other people's health care. As a matter of fact, Charity doesn't have anything to do with force at all.

As far as "do unto others" ... I don't expect people to pay for my health care, just as I don't expect them to pay for my house or groceries. These things are my responsibility. I would hope that, God forbid I enter a time of need, other people's true Charity would help me through, just as I try to do when I see a friend or family member -- or sometimes a community member I've never really met ... is in need. You know, the way it worked before all the people who felt guilty about not doing these things decided it would be much less trouble to ease their consciences if they forced everybody else to give so they wouldn't have to. At which point it became robbery rather than Charity.

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