Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties Are Not About Obama

I ran across this article this morning. Titled "Anti-Obama Taxypayer Tea Parties Steeped in Insanity". LA Times. Not shocking to see it there.

This is not about Obama. These aren't "Anti-Obama" tea parties. Certainly most of the people there are Anti-Obama, but that's because they strongly disagree with him over the size and role of government, and he's the current guy implementing it as policy. But it's not a "We Hate Obama so we're just here to bitch"-fest.

One thing the Left does not get is that the people at these rallies are just as upset with big-government Republicans as they are with big-government Democrats. It's just that Democrats have officially aligned and bound themselves to Big Government, and the Republican Platform at least gives lip service to the original principles of the country -- and in general they do a better job of acting on them.

The press is doing it's best to dismiss them by slapping the usual labels on them, like "Right Wing", "Conservative", "Fox News", "Talk Radio", etc.... All different ways of saying, "Shut Up!" (<--- if you haven't seen this video, you need to. It's brilliant). The public has been conditioned to take all of these terms to mean "illigitimate. I don't even need to address your issue. you can stop talking right now."

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