Friday, May 15, 2009

Hate™ Revisited

Let me make one thing clear first....

I find the Westborough Baptist Church's behavior disgusting. Abhorrent. Idiotic.

But to my knowledge they have not killed anyone nor advocated, as a matter of Church Policy, killing anyone.

That all being said, they were apparently here protesting a domestic partnership registry recently approved in Columbia. (As an aside, I'm ok with that although I still don't think the government should be involved in such things).

And I was watching the news last night, and the anchor started the report out by saying that a "Hate Group™" was here in town to protest it. That was the story headline, and that was the term used throughout the story referring to them.

Now ... I don't really have a huge problem with calling them a group that "hates", as you can see "God Hates You" on their protest signs and all... so saying they "hate" is really not my issue.

Again, it's the double-standard. They were here to protest. They did nothing illegal. They were exercising their rights to assemble and associate and speak freely.

The media won't call terrorists terrorists, but they can call an obnoxious church group a "Hate Group™".

And the ™ I put there for a reason. It signifies that the term is being used as more than an adjective, more than a label, even -- almost a brand name -- and it's a brand being bestowed upon things by self-appointed branders, like the FDA of culture. For that same label is used on every commentator on Fox News, as well as Glenn Beck (well I guess he is a Fox News commentator now), Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Charles Krauthamer, Mark Steyn, etc, etc, etc. It's Newspeak. You aren't supposed to think about, or even listen to what they have to say to form your own opinion. They're just ungood, and that's all you need to know. Just be faithful to Big Brother and ignore them.

As a matter of fact, since I have actually listened to and read quite a bit from these people (Beck, Steyn et al, not Westborough), I know immediately anyone who labels them as Haters™ is either deliberately misleading or they have never actually listened to anything more than soundbites taken out of context if they have heard or read anything at all by any of them. The Hate Labelers™ are merely instructing you what to believe.

Journalists say they are impartial, just reporting the facts. No judgements. That's what the "we can't call them terrorists" meme is about.

Well here's the facts. Westborough Baptist Church. Where they're from. Who they are. Here's what they've done. Here's why they say they're here. Here's pictures of them and their signs. This is what happened. We report. You decide. That's the way it's supposed to work.

You do that, report some of the tactics they've used, and you'll find that most of us will decide they're disgusting idiots.

But if you can call them a Hate Group™, why can't you call someone who purposely targets civilians with the intent of inflicting fear on other civilians to pressure them into supporting their political goals .... a terrorist?

Update: Last night's headline covering a "peaceful alternative" protest to Westborough's protest. Only it really wasn't an alternative protest, it was an opposing protest. An alternative is a different way to accomplish the same thing.

The headline? "Fighting Hate With Peace"

IMHO, the best way to fight groups like Westborough is to ignore them.

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