Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Shut Uppery

It occured to me in the eleventy-jillionth story I read about how Cheney ought not criticize "the new administration" because, hey, nobody else ever did .... when I read these words at the Rott referring to this WaPo article
Rarely has an official from one administration moved so quickly and aggressively to criticize a new president.

I had to respond.

Rarely has a new administration and it’s lackeys in congress spent so much of their "Progressive”, “MoveOn”, Hopey, Changey time sniping at the previous administration while making rumblings about proscecution.

Well not here anyway. Happens a lot in third world countries. Which is where we seem to be headed.

Besides, I thought Dissent is Patriotic™.

Isn't Cheney just being a Patriot?

Oh, that's right. We went through a Change™.

Shut Uppery in action.

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