Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ah, That Non-Partisan ACORN

Right. Just take a look at this ACORN memo.

Message: Progressives in general, and Democratic candidates in particular, need to be out front and public on an issue that is 1) progressive; 2) popular with a broad electorate; and 3) separates Democrats from Republicans. Raising the minimum wage scores in all 3 categories.

In addition we will work in 2005 to institutionalize the high school senior voter registration project we tested in the spring of 2004. By working with and through local school administrators, their national associations (including the Council of Great City Schools and the American Association of School Administrators), and the two major national teachers’ unions, our methodology is to gain access to high school seniors in minority communities through assemblies, English classes (since all high school seniors take English), and school cafeterias to register them to vote and, where possible, create volunteer voter registration opportunities for them in the larger community.

Impact the post-2010 Congressional redistricting process by building progressive electoral majorities in swing state legislative districts in states where partisan control of legislative bodies is potentially in play.

Sounding like a general "just get out the vote, we don't care if you're Democrat or Republican" kind of "Community Organization" to you?

Basically, they're going in to places where there are high proportions of liberal-leaning people, or gullible people -- who wouldn't normally get involved in politics because they don't feel they know enough -- and pushing them to go vote to cram their ideals down the rest of our throats. They give the appearance that they're not partisan by not (or I'm sure they're not supposed to) mentioning parties, but they know where they are and the demographics of the area they're working. So what if they register 3 conservatives for every 7 progressives? If 10 of them go vote, they still win net votes.

On top of that, I have a friend who actually volunteered to drive people to the polls for the Obama campaign, and he did it. That's right, we can't get the unmotivated people who would vote for Democrats because "they'll gimme stuff" to get up off their tuchuses and go vote, so we'll go pick 'em up and drive 'em.

Oh, there's more. And it gets my taxpayer money. This has got to stop.

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