Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Presidents and Leisure

I've caught wind of, but haven't read (and frankly don't want to), Maureen Dowd's recent column "Can The One Have Fun?" ... where she defends Obama's leisure time but trashes Bush's leisure time.

Just want to go on the record as saying that I've got no problem with presidents taking leisure time, going to New York, beach, surfing, whatever ... this silly "Date Night" flap is just that... silly -- as far as Mr. and Mrs. Obama's trip and the security being on the taxpayers' dime. I'm good with that. That's the way it should be. President can't just go anywhere in a Smart Car® and a Groucho Marx mustache. (Though maybe this one ought to try a Karl Marx disguise ... sorry, couldn't help myself. Besides, he'd just look even more like himself. Ooops! Did it again. I'll stop now.)

Now if we paid the Press's way to go cover the date, I'm not so good with that part of it.

The rest of it, I'd really rather Conservatives shut up about it (yeah, I said "shut up", but I think I'm making my case). It's a non-issue, and trying to make it one just makes us look petty. Because, well ... it's petty.

Besides, there's plenty of valid stuff to complain about with this guy.

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