Friday, January 22, 2010

That's Not Right

From some Brazil fashion show.  Wow.  I mean ... if we have people in societies whose job it is to "create" and to wear stuff like this ...  we're waaaay too affluent.  Clearly we are way past having enough resources for hunting & gathering and putting roofs over our heads.

Somebody got paid to do this.

I think about these things.  Like when I hear a jingle about "Depends" or something, I imagine the singer in the studio with the monitor headphones and the mic dropped out of the ceiling, holding the headphones with his or her hands, eyes closed to reach down deep, singing passionately about adult diapers or something.

Producer at the mixing board, nodding in approval.  "That's a wrap!"

I'm weird that way.

from Samuel Cirnansck's Fall/Winter show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil.


Soozcat said...

It's one of the downsides of affluence... people can use their money to do INSANE things.

Still and all, I'd rather they were allowed to keep their own money and spend it any way they saw fit, wouldn't you?

philmon said...

Oh, absolutely. Far be it from me to keep anybody from making a coffee table dress... or wearing one.

I can just avoid the fashion show and not buy the dress.

And I can shake my head at it when I DO see it ;-)

Cylar said...

I only mock affluence when I see potentates in Saudi Arabia and the UAE building homes bigger than most 5-star hotels, throwing weddings featuring cakes sprinkled with gold dust, and driving around in Mercedes cars made of actual silver...

...when gas is over three bucks a gallon and us "affluent" Americans are tightening our belts to buy fuel to get to work and keep up with the resultant rising prices at the grocery store.

THAT is affluence worth mocking. Some girl in a coffee-table dress is stupid, but that's about it. (Though I am always left wondering - who BUYS these outlandish fashion pieces for his customers - isn't that what fashion shows are for?)

philmon said...

Well, the intent wasn't really to "mock" affluence... it was more, "my God, that is the ugliest most impractical POS I've seen in a long time, and not only did somebody get paid to do it, but somebody paid for it!"

And she flippin' agreed to wear it!

It's a question of taste and I'm also a relatively practical guy.

The observation about the affluence was really just that. An observation. If we got people who not only can but will pay for such an ugly, impractical POS ... I gotta wonder if those paying for it do it just to see what they can get a model to wear.

"Hey, think she'll wear a cloth saqck covered with sludge?"

"Well, if we tell her it's fashion... [snicker]... "Heh, I'd pay to see that!"

I don't really have a problem with the affluence at all ... and if I could get somebody to pay me that much to make someone look like a pregnant mylar kite, I'd probably do it in a flash!

I'd just be stunned that anybody would want to.