Friday, June 18, 2010

Absolutely Safe

Just a couple of weeks before the BP disaster, Obama "opened up" offshore drilling (well, in the Gulf and off the southeastern seaboard, but not California) in a big PR move designed to show that he was for development of domestic sources.  To quiet the "drill baby drill" crowd (of which I am a part, incidentally).

So the leak in the gulf was highly embarassing.

In his speech the other night, he apparently said he had been assured that drilling was "absolutely safe".

Byron York analyzes this, and ends it thus:
Of course, there's a third possibility. Since the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Obama has taken a lot of heat from liberals who never liked his pro-drilling decision in the first place. Maybe he used the words "absolutely safe" to deflect blame and make himself look a little better in retrospect.
Gee, ya think?    Maybe bears relieve themselves in the woods, too.He reminds me of the kid who is never at fault for anything that ever happens around him, no matter what.

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