Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Couple of Items in the MSM on Glenn Beck

And oddly, from people who have finally noticed -- where's the "hate"?  It looks like at least a couple of people have actually gone and paid some attention to reality rather than the version being served up by the liberal activist media.

I think that to the extent that the BBC story seemed to actually "get" some of it, I think they still have it wrong -- or are reading the audience wrong when they think the audience is "subdued" or "confused".  This isn't a rock concert.  It isn't a protest event.  He's talking about some pretty serious stuff here, and people are sitting and politely listening.  Politely listening.  An art that seems to be fading.  Anyway, they're not confused.  But the journalists are.  It's just that this is all so new to them they haven't quite gotten out of the mode of thinking they're so tuned in that if they're confused, well then certainly these idiots are, too!  We have to give them time.

And one Emily Zanotti on her American Princess blog, admittedly no fan of Mr. Beck, got her eyes opened at the recent Chicago Event not only by Mr. Beck himself, but by the "peaceful" "anti-hate" protest outside of the venue.

I do find myself drifting from Beck these days, but it's not out of any lack of respect for him or what he's doing.  Deal is, I think for the most part he's served his purpose in my life.  As far as he is entertaining and has his finger on the pulse of what is going on, I'll probably drop in on him often, but he's really said all he needs to say.  I've bootstrapped myself with his help into being aware and active.  I figured out a year ago where he was headed.  We need to re-learn our core values, and be Constitutional Evangelists.  While doing that, we need to remember to represent those values well.   This is, in the long run, the only way to save the nation.

Because The Nation isn't borders.  It isn't a flag.   It's not cities or landmarks.  And it's not the government, either.  This nation is the idea that we were all created equal, and that Government should be limited in what power it wields to as large an extent as possible without deteriorating into anarchy.  It's that Constitution.  What does "Constitution" mean?  Basically, it means "What it is made of".  What is the United States of America made of?  Its Constitution.  If you want the details, read it.  If you want the details on the details, read The Federalist Papers.

And the rest ... the social structure -- is up to us and our own institutions ... historically religious institutions, but also private charitable institutions & private educational institutions.

If Cass Sunstein wants to "Nudge" us, he shouldn't be able to use the coercive power of the Government to do it.  He should form the private "Nudge" foundation and try to persuade people just like the Catholics and the Vegans and the Preservation Societies all have to do.  

Teach your values, and may the best ones win.

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