Monday, September 13, 2010

Patriots and Tea Partiers

 Regarding "original" Patriot Movement ... many of whom see the world through National Treasure and Divinci Code glasses ... there is a misconception that the current Tea Party Movement is an outgrowth of it. It's a misconception enthusiastically endorsed by the current administration along with the entire Left, because they desparately need to smear the tsunami of backlash against big government triggered by their recent massive power grab.

But that tsunami of regular center-right citizens was building during the Bush Administration and was finally sparked by Rick Santelli ... hardly a crazy Murrow-Building Bombing Militant Militia Member.

The fact of the matter is that original "Patriot Movement" has been overwhelmed by this tsunami and has been swept up into it rather than the other way around. Actually many of them are upset about it because the rest of us don't hold to the conspiracy theories that they hold dear.

The fact that they have been somewhat grudgingly swept up rather than (as I'm sure some dulusional ones might think has happened as well) doing the sweeping up does mean that yes, we have some whackos among us. But that doesn't make us all whackos, or the movement wacky.  Far from it.

The left just hopes that those who pay little attention will never know the difference.

Last I heard, the Tea Party had a 54% approval rating among the general public. That is a formidible PR task for the Left to overcome indeed, and they are panicking.

But it's not impossible. Never forget. It's not impossible.

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