Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's Time

I think I got this ad on RCP yesterday.  Or some news site.

One of "My" Senators, Claire McCaskill's mug ... on the ad.

And it got me to thinking.... it's like "Change".  They came up with an, ahem, "DREAMy" name for an immigration bill, for one thing.  I suppose it allows illegal aliens to dream big, or something.

Now they're not telling me it's urgent, or how it will help America, or how much it will cost us, or talking about what some of the possible long-term effects might be.

It's just time to pass it.  It's on the schedule.   Last week, it was not time.  And next week they need to be on to something else, I suppose.  But just like it's time for your nap or it's time for dinner ... it's time to pass the DREAM Act, apparently.  It's just time.  Mom said.

If we don't, we're all a bunch of poopie-heads.  Because it was time.  And we didn't.  And we wouldn't want that.

Me, I'm not so sure. I mean, if the people who think we have two Houses and two Senates are for it... I have a few questions about it. (HT The Blaze)


tim said...

Yeah, funny how “It’s time” only came when the Libs are about to lose their majority in congress.

Same with DADT.

Exactly what part of “illegal aliens” do they not get or want to recognize. I mean, what other law(s) do they want to ignore? I’d like a list. Nothing fancy, doesn’t even have to be any particular order.

Then I, we, could submit the law(s) we don’t like, run them by the ole constitution to see which side has more credibility, and come to a resolution.

(Heh, word verification - prousa. No lie).

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