Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Left vs Left

A couple of good passages in a worthwhile post by one Daniel Greenfield on his Sultan Knish blog, speaking of the Assange saga.

The sheer perversity of this is that we are not looking at a showdown between a right wing Bush Administration and leftist activists. No, this is a confrontation between leftist activists in the Obama Administration and the State Department who want to use diplomacy to weaken American power and leftist activists like Assange who are obstructing them because their sole purpose is to sabotage America-- even when America is already sabotaging itself. It's a showdown between leftists who want to work within the system and leftist anarchists who want to smash the whole system.
and this
Getting power is only half the story. The left's problem has never been getting power, but using it. And the entire Wikileaks story is a reminder of how senselessly the left grasps power, men seizing it for their own self-glorification, only to bring it down on themselves over and over again. Because deep down in that basement of basements, there is no ideology, only ego. The rabid anti-Americanism is the ego reflex of the leftist manchild. In that deepest of basements, plans for the betterment of the world give way to conspiracy theories, to demons of greed, hate and envy. Those serpent entwined roots twist around themselves and strangle all that they create. And the only thing they breed is darkness. And more darkness.


Severian said...

Which is why it's so sad that we constantly lose propaganda battles to these people. But it's like Ann Coulter says: liberals can always mock us for falling short of our principles, because humans are flawed creatures who always fall short. They, on the other hand, avoid the problem by cheerfully admitting to having no principles whatsoever.

And you know what really stinks? They're not even really doing it for anything tangible. I can almost respect a dedicated, honest-to-god communist -- he's wrong and his ideas are evil, but at least when he lies and equivocates and backstabs and "community organizes" he's actually working towards something. The typical liberal will sell out any scruple, and stoop to any depth, just to be able to pat himself on the back for being Better Than You.

So pathetic....

Anonymous said...

Looks like I picked a lousy generation to quit drinking. :)