Friday, January 21, 2011

Progress, and Moving Forward

That's it.  I'm never again letting anyone get away with using those terms by themselves anymore without pushing the user on the point, "progress towards what?"   "Foreward?  Which way is your car pointing?  Forward towards what?"

In the Alinsky world, change is constantly the goal. You know, one would think they'd like "global warming". I mean, who is content with the status quo, eh? Species going extinct? Evolution. Change, man. Get behind it. It's progress.


Severian said...

They're "progressing" towards a state of affairs where they get to tell you what to do. All the time. For your own good.

That's what leftism is, and what all their BS euphemisms boil down to. It's like Jonah Goldberg said: by the dictionary definition of the words "activist" and "social change," the KKK are "activists for social change" too.

I think "whatever is, is wrong" is my go-to description of the leftist mindset, and all their proposed solutions boil down to "give more power to people like me."

philmon said...

Exactly. I just want to make 'em say it out loud before I allow them to continue. :-)

Gagdad Bob said...
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