Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wrong Argument

I hate to see this.

Jeffmon brought this bit to my attention in a comment on an earlier post.  And something about it did bug me.

Shepard Smith interviewed Patricia Maisch. She retrieved the shooter's magazine. Here's the link. The part referenced below starts at about 8:30.

SHEP SMITH: If there's anything you can think of over the last day and a a half that you might be able to turn this into a positive?...

PATRICIA MAISCH: I don't think so...I think...mmm...that Sheriff Dupnik said it best, that the extreme right, reporters, radio and TV have added to this problem, and I'm just hoping that that will change because of this. That's my hope, is that the Republicans will stop naming bills in very hateful things like the "job-killing" whatever the rest of that bill is. I think they've just gone over the top. I think the extreme right has gone too far.
So titling a bill ‘Repeal the Job Killing Health Care Law Act’ is hateful? What defines hateful? Whatever you don't agree with?
Good points, all, Jeffmon. 

But I will say, I think "job-killing" is definitely marketing, and a little crass.  Beyond the dignity I think the process should be held to.  It's not hate.  Not at all.  That is beyond silly. But I'd rather see them replace it with "unconstitutional" if they're going to do that.

Because even if it created jobs, that wouldn't justify it.  It's the wrong argument.  "Job-Killing", that is.

Hateful?  Get out!


Severian said...

Personally, I agree with you. But tactically...

They say to never wrestle with a pig, because you just get muddy and the pig likes it. But funk that. All that "we're above such things" attitude has gotten us is the entire media calling us murderers thanks to that psychopath in Arizona.

I know the left will never abandon the ad hominem, because the ad hominem is all they've got -- history, logic, and basic math are all against their policies. But we can at least get them to tone it down a bit by pointing out that they too use words like "targeted;" they too call things "job-killing," or even "killing-killing" ("even Hitler wasn't talking about these things," some Democratic dumbass said in re: the Contract with America." Etc. etc.

I say we use some of this rhetoric to our advantage. When they flip out over "job-killing," we come back with seventeen more examples of their extremism. They'll never totally abandon it, but at least we can shift the discourse a little bit...

philmon said...

Oh, I know.

I was just grumbling.

The real thing that pushed me to post it anyway really is the fact that ... if it's only bad because it's "job-killing", then "job-creating" becomes justification. And that's not the argument the country needs to be having.

It's, "does it square with the constitution and the train of thought it represets?"