Thursday, January 19, 2012


Obama ad claims he's under attack by "secretive oil billionaires".

Like who, right?

Hel-LO!?  Like, they're secretive!!!!   Shuuuuhhh!!

Oh, and psssst!!!! What are the attacks?  Are they valid?

Nah, let's not go discussing anything unimportant like who or what or especially whether or not they're right.  The important thing is, he's under attack!!!!


tim said...

Yeah, those “secretive billionaires” forced you to suck on ice, right Barry? Those “secretive billionaires” forced you to spend us into a record deficit? Or that crappy Obamcare? Or forced you to golf every other day? Or they’re responsible for Michelle…well, being Michelle?

I wonder if the Free Masons are included in this?


philmon said...

But, her ARMS, man!