Monday, February 27, 2012

Jobs Americans Won't Do

I was thinking today about how we "need" to import workers to do jobs that "Americans won't do".

Anybody ever ask the question(s) 1) Why won't they do them? Is it because they can count on a bevy of nameless somebodies -- to whom they have approximately zero accountability -- will support them whether they do them or not?

2) And if the answer is, "well nobody can live on those wages", then where's the followup question.... "How come these other people apparently can, and go through a lot of trouble to get here to do them, to boot?" Mmmm?

So are they saying Americans are too good to do "those jobs" and, say, your "undocumented immigrant" isn't?

I mean, isn't that ... I dunno, racist?

Just asking questions here.


lea_elh said...

Pride will always stand in the way of great accomplishments.

tim said...

Ya’ wann’a shoot down the next person who tries using that tired line? This is what I say when presented with such drivel, “Ever see that TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’?”|sm|bi|tm&a_aid=011&a_bid=46d0ac40

Severian said...

"How come these other people apparently can [live on those wages?]"

I know this is a rhetorical question, but it has an answer... three answers, actually, all quite revealing about the state of America in this, the year of our Lord 2012:

1) because they live in nuclear families, which is a high value in their culture

2) because they have experience with actual poverty, and thus don't consider themselves "poor" if they only have 200 channels of cable and $150 gym shoes, and

3) because they don't pay the truly ludicrous taxes that make life in places like California well-nigh unlivable. Almost any wage is a "living wage" if you subtract all the bureaucratic overhead.