Thursday, February 09, 2012

Let me get this straight....

Democrats are up in arms because Republicans want to deny ... tax credits ... to people who are here illegally.   Yup.  Those pesky, evil, heartless Republicans actually want you to have a ... get this ... social security number ... to qualify for a tax credit.

Why is this even an issue?

First of all, if the worker doesn't have a social security number, under what federal id is his/her income taxes being withheld?  In other words, how do we even know money is being withheld for a person with no federal ID?  How do we know for sure who that person is?   Does this actually mean I can fill out an income tax return under a bogus name, make up some numbers, and get a check from the government?

But ...  you gotta remember...

These are the same people who want you to be able to register to vote without an address and argue that it's unfair to some people to require an address or an id or anything to verify that they aren't just someone who put down a name or seventeen in districts in which they do not live, and just show up and vote in any or all of them -- thus illegally magnifying their vote -- or to send in mail-in ballots to multiple districts.  How you gonna trace them?

It is shocking how easy voter fraud is once you understand how "the system" works and what the gaping holes are.   I believe progressive community organizers (which until the Tea Party was pretty much reflexive) -- ACORN, et al have elevated it to an art.  This has benefited Democrats, and Democrats are the first to cry foul if you try to do anything to make it harder to do.   You might "disenfranchise" some little old homeless lady who never drove in her life.

When you leave a gaping hole in your elective process that allows for such relatively easy fraud ... all who take advantage of it  disenfranchise  the rest of us.

Seriously, try to pass a law to require some sort of voter id to vote, and who are the first people to cry "Nazi!"? (hint:  it's the same people who are always first to cry "Nazi!")  Which party tries to get such laws passed?  Which party does everything in its power to block them?

The party which has elevated it to an art wants to keep the gaping holes, naturally.   If an election is close at all, they'll litigate and count and re-count and suddenly "find" boxes of ballots they "missed" and voila!

Senator Saturday Night Live.

Fortunately, my state does require some form of ID to vote in person, at least.  Still at least one of them can  easily be forged by anyone with a computer and the right paper.

It's madness.

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Severian said...

I'm trying to think about the last time liberalism, broadly defined, was about anything you could actually call politics. The early 60s, maybe, with the Civil Rights Act? Leaving aside for the moment that it was actually liberal Republicans shepherding that one through, it seems to me that was the last time liberals had something approaching a theory of governance. It's been nothing but mindless feelgoodism and sanctimony ever since.