Friday, August 03, 2012


Not a particularly round number, but a round enough number that I happened to notice coming right up.  Yup, folks, since 2003 ... in about 9 years, I've posted to this blog 2,300 times (with some recent help from my blood brother jeffmon).   While that doesn't come near keeping up with my blog brother Morgan Freeberg or any other of a number of blogger friends and family -- past and present, frankly, I'm stunned at that number.  Two thousand, three hundred times ... if anyone had told me I'd ever write that many posts I'd have laughed them off the planet.

This blog was borne of actions like yelling at NPR in the car, and at idiot reporters and anchors on CNN and NBC.   Of listening to the constant barrage of liberal sloganeering living in a college town since 1982.  Of looking at backs of cars that looked like billboards telling me how righteous the occupants were that they wanted bake sales instead of bombs or some such non-sequitur, sno-globe utopia tripe (hat tip there to Morgan for that term, which I just stole from him tonight).

It has been a Long Strange Trip, part psychological catharsis, part philosophical journey, part friend-making venture (something I really didn't expect, but there it is).

I'm not a well-read blog.  That was never the point.  Not that I've minded the occasional link landslide, and not that I don't want my ideas to get out.

They do.  Like ripples.   That'll do, Pig.  That'll do.

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Whitehawk said...

Congrats! That's quite a milestone.

You are legit!