Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"No H8"

The daughter of an old college friend of mine ... I haven't seen her since she was a very little girl, is all grown up now and helped heal the earth and save the planet from the rising oceans by voting for The Light Worker, Barack Obama.

We just "friended" on facebook, so I really didn't want to comment directly on her recent status update, which read:
No H8
No Chick-fil-a
No discussion is necessary.
So, Chick-fil-a "H8"'s, therefore we want them gone, and just shut up if you disagree is what that basically says.

So Chick-fil-a = "Hate"?

The owner simply said, when asked, like President Obama said when these boycotters all voted for him, that he believes Marriage is between one man and one woman.

 Where's the "hate"?
Does he refuse to serve gays?
No. Does he refuse to hire gays? No.
Does he pay his straight employees make more than his gay employees? No.
The fact of the matter is he didn't even mention homosexuals at all, or whether or not they love each other or whether or not they can live together. He just doesn't believe that the term "Marriage" describes a formal relationship between them.

 The self-righteous moral preeners out there could take a lesson from this man. This is what is known as "tolerance". People may hold different beliefs and perhaps lead different lifestyles than he does, and he does nothing to stop them, and indeed, is very inclusive of them in his business practice. That's the epitome of tolerance.

Intolerance, on the other hand, is demonizing and threatening to run someone who holds a different belief than you have ... out of town. You're not welcomed here. You can't do business here. We'll accuse you of having feelings you do not feel and say vile things about you and your company because we disagree with your belief. That's intolerance. So are you tolerant, or intolerant?

1984 is here, folks. Up is down, black is white, intolerance is tolerance and tolerance is intolerance.

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