Sunday, September 30, 2012

He's Baaaaaaaaack

I've been out of town, out of state, largely away from civilization and certainly away from instant communication for a couple of weeks.   It was nice.

Now what has America been up to while I was gone?  What's this about a 48/44 lead for the O camp?   When I left it was virtually tied.  What have you guys been doing?  Can't a guy take a quick vacation these days?

Looks like we're still asking silly questions we should all know the answers to by now ... saw this graphic on facebook.

It's easy. They're Marxists. You have to know how they think. To them, there's a war going on between the "haves" and the "have nots". They put themselves in the position of self-appointed Robin-Hood Gods here to set things straight, and in their eyes, there is no "terrorism" outside of the "oppression" the haves supposedly foist upon the "have nots". Therefore, in their eyes, Libyans et. al. are "freedom fighters" and not terrorists. Note that the only time they'll call someone a "terrorist" is if it is a western power acting in any kind of ... well I was going to say "forceful" manner, but many of these people consider the global proliferation of McDonalds a form of "terrorism", and you can't argue with twisted logic like that. They believe what they believe.

Then some numb-nut comments:

"ya and Romney really cares? Oh ya he only cares about the 53% of Americans."

Oh yeah. That's right. No, what he said was he wasn't going to try to convince the 47% that wealth redistribution isn't what America is about. This is not the same thing as "not caring" about them. It's akin to not worrying about convincing a 4 year old that it is time to go to bed, or that he needs to eat his green beans.

It's been said again and again America will be over when people figure out a way to vote themselves money from the public treasury. Well we've been there for a while, but to keep it going we're borrowing nearly half the money we spend now. And with this latest QE, we may have pushed it to 73%.

Those of us who know who Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven are, and who know who Obama's influences and peers are believe that this may actually be by design ... there's lots of evidence to support it. "Transformation" is the warm fuzzy word for "Revolution" in Alinsky Speak, and the Cloward and Piven strategy to collapse the system and send people running to the state begging for a "solution" appears to be being followed whether by design or not.

The collapse of America would be bad for 100% of Americans, 47% and 53% ers. The only people it would be good for is those who have placed themselves as those self-appointed Robin-Hood Gods and their friends.

Besides, it's not the president's or the federal government in general's charge to "care" about Americans by taking from some Americans and giving it to others.  It's Americans in general, you and me and your neighbor, specifically, that are charged with that ... but that charge is to give of ourselves and not of others via government force.

Had someone comment a while back that they just couldn't imagine not wanting to help those in need, as if by rejecting Robin Hood-ism I was against helping the needy.   So many have been conditioned to think that social assistance is the job of the government that they just can't see it any other way.  And apparently, they think there's this endless font of free money to fund it with.

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