Friday, May 27, 2005

Here's a good reason to vote a certain way....

Love this post from the BBC on France voting on the EU:

I believe that if the French people vote no, that they will be disappointing all of Europe, and Europe will not benefit from a no vote. The French people need to see beyond perhaps losing all the social benefits they have gained.


So, no matter how bad an idea it is, or how much they dislike or disagree with it, they should vote "Oui" so they won't "disapoint" Europe. As if France is some sort of insolent child dependent on the whims of others in Europe. "I'm so disapointed in you. Shame on you."

But the real kicker is the part about the French people needing to see beyond losing all the social benefits they have gained. In other words, the French have worked to get a certain standard of living, which they should now risk (even in the words of a supporter of the EU) losing all of them in the name of a United Europe.

Um... then why, again, should they vote "oui" again? Oh, that's right, socialism. The have mores are supposed to give to the have lesses until nobody has anything.

On top of that, "all of Europe" is a pretty sweeping and arrogant statement. The Dutch are expected to vote no. People in Greece wish they had voted "no", and there are apparently plenty in England who oppose the EU idea, at least in its current form....