Friday, May 17, 2013

Are the Wheels Finally Coming Off This Thing?

Even Chris Matthews apparently thinks "The Thrill is Gone"


Of course, apparently as recently as a couple of days ago Chris still thought that opposition to Obama is rooted in the idea that "The White Race Must Rule" - not saying the man has suddenly gained sanity or anything, just pointing out that the rats just might be jumping ship.

I've gotten my hopes up before, and the MSM may yet decide to square the wagons and protect when they realize that any shred of credibility they have left is tied up in the illusion they themselves have created around the President.

Who knows, maybe even Jon Stewart, who still can't seem to come to terms with the fact that the administration blatantly lied about what happened in Bengazi right ahead of the 2012 election and has put a lot of effort into covering it up will come around.

This all comes, ironically, a week after Obama, in a speech, told us all not to worry about our Founders' warning that government abuse is always just around the corner (no wonder he has such contempt for them).

Maybe the biggest reason for hope is the tapping of the Associated Press phones. It's one thing to piss off your enemies. It's quite another to piss of your virtual body guards.

Your kids don't belong to you. You don't have a right to homeschool. The second amendment is obsolete. The first amendment is obsolete.  The fourth amendment is obsolete.  The equal protection clause is obsolete.   The IRS will enforce Obamacare.   This is a pattern.

Fundamental transformation.  Is it starting to make sense now?