Monday, October 11, 2004

Debates, bias, & Afghans

CNN - From Judy Woodward's desk: "Bush leads Kerry in most polls, but can he sustain whatever bad news develops in Iraq -- and Kerry's sharper critique? "

Let's see, "Bush Leads... but"...

"...whatever bad news develops in Iraq..."

Yeah, we see where you're going with this.

Looks like the Afghan election went pretty well -- although they had hangnails instead of hanging chads. Can't really complain - as we learned in 2000, elections aren't perfect and that can make a difference in close ones. I don't know how close the election in Afghanistan was, but I'm thinking it wasn't that close. We'll know soon. Congratulations, guys! May this be the beginning of a bright new future for Afghanistan.

Been reading more in Coulter's book. She continues to be witty and biting -- she's a very entertaining writer. You know she's cherry-picking some of the facts, but the libbies (and there are a lot more of them) have been doing that for years. I have found some examples of her biting too hard to the Right, but -- there is a lot of truth to be gleaned from her viewpoint that gets ignored in this world where the Liberal point of view isn't typically qualified by the word "Liberal", whereas if you have a conservative point of view, it is pre-emptively tagged "Conservative" so it can be dismissed without discussion.

Bush did well Friday night. I especially appreciated him bringing up the fact that there IS still such a thing as ethics, and calling Kerry out on 1) not voting, 2) voting against a thing or two he said he was for, and 3) specifically when Kerry charged Bush with sending kids to Iraq without body armor, and Kerry voted against it. Well, after he voted for it -- you know the drill.

Oh, and the stuff about doing the right thing when it's not popular? Bingo, buddy.

And of course, the whole "how're you gonna pay for this [big social package]?" thing.

I noted Coulter mentioning that the new liberal tactic is to prefix propaganda with "The fact of the matter is,...." and "studies show...." - I noticed a lot of that in the debate and post-debate spin.

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