Thursday, October 14, 2004

Last Night's Debate

Kerry's government Health Care plan is not a government plan, he says. That's why he's going to use government to create it.

How is Kerry going to make sure everyone is covered without government subsidy? It also sounds to me like he plans to "lower costs" by having the government pay the difference. This isn't lowering costs, it's hiding it. When the government guarantees the medical profession the high prices they charge - they can charge what they want. And why not? The government will pay for it.

The fact is that government subsidies have as much if not more to do with high health care costs as anything else.

I'm hearing that Kerry won this debate. I missed it last night and watched recording of afterwards. I'll tell you right now Kerry lost on abortion no matter which side you're on -- he was all over the map. Frankly, I can't tell where he stands. He lost on gay marriage. He wants it both ways. He wants to be against it and for it. (for the war and against it. His faith guides his decisions, unless they'll lose him the votes of his base). And he lost on Social Security. The man with the plan's answer was not convincing. It sounds to me like he's trying to reassure the skiddish seniors to get their votes.

Here's a good quote from Kerry... "The fact is we have people from the middle east... allegedly.... coming across the border...."

The fact is... allegedly. Boy that sounds as convincing as "the fact is, these memos are authentic... allegedly...." Beware when you hear people in a political campaign start their sentences with "the fact is", or "the truth of the matter". It may be a fact or the truth, but don't just take it at face value.

Economically, guys, the equation is simple. Raise taxes, lose jobs. Raise minimum wage, lose jobs. Government pays for health care, cost goes up (and taxes must follow).... surely the American people see this. Take the president up on his challenge. Ask countries that have socially run healthcare... federal health care plans, how they feel about health care in their countries, as well as the tax burden they bear.

To listen to Kerry, the President has done nothing right in the last 4 years, he hates women, sinisterly helps big business buddies of his, hates the middle class, hates blacks, started a war for political gain, doesn't give a rot about health care, and is a big, stupid liar -- this is an unreasonable mode of thought, and underscores the fact that the democratic campaign is much more about defeating Bush than it is about John Kerry being president.

Kerry talks as if there's this magical box of free money somewhere to pay for the programs he wants more spent on, yet he bashes the president for money he has committed to things such as national security. He wants to pay as you go, balance the budget, and pay for a bunch of new and expanded government programs. The equation doesn't add up.

I must disagree with the assessment that Kerry won this debate. I don't think he did.

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