Friday, October 22, 2004

Gas Prices

In keeping with the last post & Kerry/Edwards attempting to blame everything on George W that they have a hope might stick with a few voters.... remember that they also want to blame higher gas prices on George.

Reasons vary from George helping out his "old oil buddies" (right. gotcha. next?) to reasoning that the war in Iraq raised the price of oil ... which it did, but that wasn't an unexpected side effect of the war. You don't refrain from doing the right thing because it will raise gas prices.

Anyway, good article here from today's Cato Daily Dispatch --

What Should the Government Do About Higher Gas Prices?

and another on the first amendment, Sinclair, Michael Moore, and both parties....

Sinclair Decides Not to Broadcast "Stolen Honor"

Let's not forget, liberty, free speech, and free markets go hand in hand. Those should be our government's priorities. Health Care & Gas Prices are OUR problems.

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