Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Palestinians Used Bible As Toilet Paper

Well, there you have it. An article in the Washington Times on May 15, 2002 reports that Palestinian militants holed up in a Christian Church -- not just any Christian Church, but the Church of the Holy Nativity, a very important Christian Church ..... wait for it....

used pages from the Bible as toilet paper.
Where were the rioting Christians? Where was the outrage from the Left?
(chirping crickets....)
(chirping crickets....)
I'd link to the story, but you have to pay for it if you want it from the source. But it's been re-published many times on the internet by other people recently as a counter-example to illustrate the point that I'm making here. Just Google it.
That's right, the Eeeeeeeeeevil United States goes out of its way to stay out of Mosques and bends over backwards to keep from doing anything that might be interpreted as anti-Islamic. An unsubstantiated report about a Koran flushing, and death, murder, and mayhem ensues, along with fresh yelps from the Left about the Bush Administration (again -- well, that's all they yelp about these days. I'm pretty sure, when pressed, they'd find that Bush caused the San Fransico Earthquake of 1906.)

And why the indignant outrage of the Leftists and the Islamists (who seem to be frighteningly too often on the same page) on the retracted and unsubstantiated alleged Koran flushing incident? Because they are both more than eager to believe stories like that.

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