Friday, June 24, 2005

What in the Unholy FUHHHH????

Damn! We're not getting conservative judges on the Supreme Court fast enough. You know, ones who, like, understand the Constitution and that it was carefully written to protect citizens from abuse of government power.

The government can now come and force you to sell your home for pretty much any reason as long as it is deemed to be "in the public interest".

So if the government wants more tax money (obviously, in the "public" interest) it can now force you to sell your house to Wal-Mart who will in turn pay higher taxes on the property. Yes, the government now actually has incentive to force you out of your home. Holy crap. It's going down the toilet even faster than I thought it was.

Um... in our "checks and balances" system -- who is supposed to "check" the Supreme Court? Because... it needs a full-body check right now.

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