Thursday, June 23, 2005

Would I like to sign a petition to bring the troops home?

I went to a downtown free concert last night. On the way there was one guy with a "Our Troops Are Doing a Great Job" sign. Then further down the street were several people that he was counterdemonstrating with "end the war", "bring the troops home", statistics on how many have died, etc.

Later, downtown I was approached by people with clipboards asking me if I would like to sign a petition to bring the troops home.

"Um.... no, thank you."

He said thanks and have a nice evening. At least he wasn't rude.

The place was crawling with activists.

At any rate, later I thought I should have told him....

"What, and let the rest of the world rant on about how we went in and made a mess and left before it was cleaned up and stablized?"

That's one of the biggest gripes I heard from my non-American aquaintances long before the war.

No, folks, no matter what you think about whether or not we should have gone in, it would be highly irresponsible to pull out now.

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