Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's getting hot in here

Why is Mars warming?

You global warming freaks really ought to take a gander at this article. Very well written with very good points. Like why is Mars warming, too?

Then there's this:

...the Kyoto Treaty will do little to solve the carbon-dioxide problem. Masquerading as a global environmental policy, Kyoto exempts half of the world's population and nine of the top 20 emitters of carbon dioxide--including China and India--from its emissions reduction requirements. It is in fact an effort to replace the world's markets with an internationally regulated (think U.N.) global economy, perhaps better described as a predatory trade strategy to level the world's economic playing field by penalizing the economic growth of energy efficient nations and rewarding those emitting much greater quantities of noxious gasses. Which explains why in 1997 the U.S. Senate voted 95-0 to oppose the signing of any international protocol that would commit Western nations to reduce emissions unless developing countries had to do so as well.

95-0. During the..... Clinton administration. So, all Democrats who voted voted against it. Wow. Why? Rove make 'em do it?

As The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, almost none of the nations that igned on are meeting Kyoto's requirements. Thirteen of the original 15 European signatories will likely miss the 2010 emission reduction targets. Spain will miss its target by 33 percentage points and Denmark by 25 points. Targets aside, Greece and Canada have seen their emissions rise by 23% and 24%, respectively, since 1990. As for America, our emissions have increased 16%, so we are doing better than many of the Kyoto nations.

So the Big Bad U.S., led by Bushitler-Rove-Halliburton's anti-environmental policy during the Clinton administration where every Senator voted against Kyoto, even though we didn't sign on to it are kicking Spain's, Greece's, Denmark's, and Canada's asses at reducing emission increases.


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