Monday, March 20, 2006

No bad peace, eh?

From yesterday's protest in San Francisco, lifted from this LGF post:

So I wonder if they'd feel the same way peeking out at their men and masters from under their decidedly un-pink burkas, being denied education and being considered unclean and the property of men?

I'll agree, and everyone from GW Bush on down will agree that there is no good war. War always sucks for both sides. But no bad peace? I beg to differ.

Bad peace is why good and courageous people go to war, despite the fact that they would rather be gardening.

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Daniel in Brookline said...

Andy Rooney, back in the days when he made sense and was funny, attributed that quote to Plato. He also commented that Hitler had dealt a terrible blow to that school of philosophy... by proving that sometimes war was better than the alternative. As he put it, "Auschwitz wasn't war".

An interesting litmus test is to ask someone what, in their opinion, would be a good enough reason to go to war. All but the most determined pacifists have a red line somewhere -- the trick is to find it. (Would you approve of going to war against a country that destroyed, say, Cincinatti? How about if they invaded us first... would you fight back? And so forth.)

As far as I'm concerned, people who think there's no such thing as a good war or a bad peace are suffering from a failure of imagination.

Daniel in Brookline